Through SGLN, childcare professionals, clinicians, educators and parents have access to the highly successful and innovative techniques aimed at bringing out the best in every child, parent, adult and community. You can improve the way you interact with the children under your care using practical, time-proven methods. For more information visit:

Grand Rapids Health Facility
311 State Street
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

This training is brought to you by NHBP professionals who are Certified Trauma Practitioner Trainers.

Six continuing education units are available to RN, LPN, DO, MPA-C, NP-C, AAMA/CMA, RDH, RDA, LMSW, LPC and LLP.

Pine Creek Health Facility
1474 Mno-Bmadzewen Way
Fulton, MI 49052


Behavioral Health Manager Nichol Bremer, LMSW, CTP, CAADC, ADS, MAC or 616.249.0159