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The NHBP Environmental Department holds the responsibility of sustainably preserving and protecting the land, water, air and wildlife for the next Seven Generations for the NHBP Community. The Environmental Department relies on both traditional methods, as well as scientists, technical support and administrative personnel to focus on the environmental needs of future generations of NHBP Tribal Members.

The Environmental Department supervises natural resource-based programs such as maple syrup production, Wild Rice harvesting and natural resource access. The Environmental Department also receives questions and requests that involve natural resource management, water and air quality, garden produce distribution, and hunting and gathering.

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Environmental Protection
The NHBP Environmental Department participates in the Environmental Protection Program (EPP) through which department employees monitor…

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Sugar Bushing
The NHBP Environmental Department manages the Sugar Bushing on the Pine Creek Indian Reservation. Sugar Bushing is the process of extracting raw…

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Wild Rice
The NHBP Environmental Department oversees the restoration, management and inventory of Wild Rice production on the Pine Creek Indian…s…

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Environmental Department Director John Rodwan or 269.704.7048