Mikchéwiwak Nadwézibek

Membership Services






The NHBP Membership Services Department holds the responsibility of providing programs and services to enrich the lives of NHBP Tribal Members and Community members of all ages.

The Membership Services Department provides support for NHBP Tribal Members through the programs and services of three sub-departments: Elders, youth and education. Several education programs geared to students enrolled in prekindergarten through higher and vocational education are managed by the Memberships Services Department. The department also oversees programs for youth, such as the Tribal Youth Program (TYP) that seeks to help younger generations explore their culture, and for Elders, such as the Elders Program that strives to improve the physical well-being and social engagement of Elders. All NHBP events, programs and services are also coordinated by the Membership Services Department.


Membership Services Manager Tiesha Williams
twilliams@nhbpi.com or 269.704.8374