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Transitional housing is used for many different purposes and is available to several demographics, including those facing homelessness, members of the LGBT community, and domestic violence survivors. Transitional housing is defined as a project or organization that serves to provide housing and supportive services to a group of people to facilitate movement to independent living within a specific timeframe. For those that are in the process of recovery from drugs or alcohol, transitional housing, sometimes referred to as sober living, is a great way to transition back into society, after attending a residential treatment program. For many in recovery, homelessness can be a concern. In some cases, a person in recovery may come from a home in which other addicts still reside, making recovery more difficult and the possibility of a relapse more likely. Transitional housing provides a safe, semi-controlled environment for individuals to continue working toward becoming independent once again.

In the Battle Creek area, there is an organization called Recovery Services Unlimited that offers supportive living environments for men and women during their recovery from substance use and addiction. This organization has three houses – two designated for males and one for females. The transitional housing also offers a full service Recovery Coach Program that helps guide individuals maneuvering through life during early recovery.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions about the organization to Recovery Services Unlimited Executive Director Brandi Glanton at 269.364.0663. For more information, visit

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